Your brand deserves quality craftsmanship

We make sure you get the quality fashion you need.

Challenges in manufacturing

You've got an incredible design, a vision that needs to be realised, but you're tired of dealing with manufacturers who don't communicate and can't deliver on quality.

Bandung, our hometown, often referred to as the fashion capital of Indonesia due to its rich fashion tradition, that is why we take pride on exceptional and quality garments.

Our Advantage

Clear communication

Say goodbye to communication gaps, we're fluent in your language: fashion.

Quality at scale

Our whole production process is in-house, making sure each process is carefully done.


Save costs without sacrificing quality. Our streamlined processes and efficient production methods allow us to offer competitive pricing while maintaining exceptional craftsmanship.


About Us

We've felt the sting of missed deadlines and botched merchandise.  That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing a different kind of manufacturing experience.   With more than 20 years of experience working with brands of all sizes both locally and internationally, we've proven to be a reliable partner to fashion brands who wants to take their brand to the level.  With World KNK, you have a reliable partner that understands the ins and outs of fashion production and what brands need to succeed. 

All you need from start to finish

Our process from start to finish are done in one location, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Secure materials

We secure the materials you need including fabric, accesories, etc.

Design and make samples

Our team will communicate with you to create the pattern for your deisgn and make samples

Make them

Our cutting, sewing, accesorising, finishing, packaging are all in-house for seamless process until ready for delivery


Take Your Brand to New Heights

Frequently Asked questions

Common Answers

1. How long does the manufacturing process usually take?

Typically for an order of minimum 1200 pieces, the lead time is anywhere from 2-4 months depending on season, availability of fabric, and intricacy of design

2. Can you accommodate specific fabric or material requests?

Yes! We will work together with you to pick the fabric most suitable to your order that you're placing. You can even bring your own nominated fabric supplier.

3. Do you offer sample development before bulk production?

Yes, we offer sample development services to ensure your satisfaction before proceeding with bulk production. Additional charges may apply for sample development.

4. How do you handle quality issues or defects in the products?

We have a comprehensive quality control process in place to minimise defects. If any problems arise, we will work with you to resolve the matter efficiently and to your satisfaction.

Contact Us

How to get in touch with us


 🇮🇩 +62 22 5430686



Cibolerang no. 47

Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia